[CentOS] How to install binutils-devel on Centos Linux 5.5

Thu Apr 21 10:29:34 UTC 2011
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> Good morning, I am trying to install binutils-devel on Centos Linux 5.5 so
> that we can obtain lib liberty required by the oprofile-0.9.6 Linux
> profiler.
>       Using root , I enter: yum local install
> binutils-devel- Then I get the message:

So, why this package, doesn't it work with the binutils-devel package from
CentOS 5.x? If it does you could just 'yum install binutils-devel'.

> Public key for binutils-devel- is not
> installed. Please tell me where I get the  Public key for
> binutils-devel- . Thank you.

I'm quite sure this will not work even with the correct public key, which
you should get where you got the
binutils-devel- from, most likely a fedora
mirror. But I think the package won't install on CentOS 5.x.