[CentOS] Attaching LinkSys WRT54GL to CentOS machine

Sun Apr 24 18:35:07 UTC 2011
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 04/24/2011 01:15 PM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Kenni Lund wrote:
>>> I have a LinkSys WRT54GL router,
>>> which I would like to attach to my CentOS-5.6 server,
>>> to set up a LAN 192.168.2.* .
>>> The server is attached to the internet
>>> through a Billion modem/router which has a single ethernet outlet.
>> Without any information on what the purpose of such a setup would be,
>> it's close to impossible to give you any recommendations. Is it
>> because you want to use your CentOS system as a firewall? a router? a
>> HTTP proxy? a network sniffer?
> I don't actually think my motives are relevant.
> In case I didn't described the situation clearly,
> my CentOS server is connected to an ADSL modem by ethernet (eth0).
> The modem's IP address is .
> I have a second NIC on my server (eth1) 
> and I want to attach my LinkSys router to this by ethernet,
> to work effectively as an access point
> (perhaps that answers your question?)
> on a LAN 192.168.2.* .
> I'd like to connect my laptop to the system with WiFi,
> with an address perhaps of .
> The router might have the address .
>> Or is it because you only have one external ethernet outlet and you
>> want to access the internet on your other systems, while the services
>> on your server still can be accessed from the outside? In the last
>> case, you would normally just put your server on the LAN and do
>> port-forwarding on your router. If it's because you want your server
>> to be "outside" of your LAN, a more correct approach would be to setup
>> a DMZ zone on your router, dedicate one of the LAN ports as DMZ port
>> and connect your server there.
> Neither of the above, if I understand you correctly.
> I want to connect the router as described above.
> The reason, roughly speaking, is that I want all data
> that comes into or out of my system to go through the server,
> where the traffic can be followed and monitored if necessary.
>>> I wonder if anyone has set up a system like this?
>> Perhaps, perhaps not, depends on what the purpose of the system is.
> Do you have a LinkSys router with an IP address other than ,
> or even better with an address other than 192.168.1.* ?
> If you have, could you tell me _how_ you did it, please.
> I don't really care _why_ you did it.
> The instructions on the router only explain
> how to set it up (with address
> attached directly to an ADSL modem.
> I could do that, but I don't want to ...
You basically have 2 choices.

If you connect the router's External port (with IP 192.168.2.x) directly
to eth1 then on the INSIDE of that router you will need to use a 3rd IP
subnet (ie, 192.168.3.x).

The second choice is to connect eth1 of your CentOS machine to an
INTERNAL port on the router (if it has more than one).  You can
configure the inside of the router to 192.168.2.x and the external port
of the router would not be connected to anything and the other devices
would connect to the wireless of the router or the other internal ports.

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