[CentOS] Attaching LinkSys WRT54GL to CentOS machine

Sun Apr 24 20:10:09 UTC 2011
Robert Nichols <rnicholsNOSPAM at comcast.net>

On 04/24/2011 01:15 PM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I don't actually think my motives are relevant.
> In case I didn't described the situation clearly,
> my CentOS server is connected to an ADSL modem by ethernet (eth0).
> The modem's IP address is .
> I have a second NIC on my server (eth1)
> and I want to attach my LinkSys router to this by ethernet,
> to work effectively as an access point
> (perhaps that answers your question?)
> on a LAN 192.168.2.* .
> I'd like to connect my laptop to the system with WiFi,
> with an address perhaps of .
> The router might have the address .
> Do you have a LinkSys router with an IP address other than ,
> or even better with an address other than 192.168.1.* ?
> If you have, could you tell me _how_ you did it, please.
> I don't really care _why_ you did it.

I'm doing pretty much exactly what you propose, but I'm using DD-WRT in
place of the standard WRT54GL firmware.  That allows me to configure the
WRT54GL as a wireless access point and 6-port switch, with all routing
and server functions performed by the Linux box that serves as a gateway
between my internal network and my cable modem.  The router lives at
address  Yes, it would probably make more sense to put the
gateway box at the ".1" address and the non-routing "router" at ".2" or
elsewhere, but that's not how my network evolved.

Problem is that I don't have a WRT54 with standard firmware, so it's
hard to give instructions.  As others have said, you would need to use
only the LAN ports on the router.  Configure the router not to use DHCP
for its WAN connection and then you should be able to set up its local
IP address, subnet mask, and other network parameters manually.  It's
hard to imagine a router that wouldn't let you do that.  Yes, when the
router boots with its factory default settings it will be using, but you can temporarily configure your network interface
to talk on that subnet, log into the router, and configure it to your

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