[CentOS] 6.1 .iso size?

Mon Dec 5 15:08:28 UTC 2011
Phil Dobbin <phildobbin at gmail.com>

On 5/12/11 10:53, "Ljubomir Ljubojevic" <office at plnet.rs> wrote:

> What does "it wouldn't take" means? Can you give us some better idea?
> details.
> Could it be just a graphic mode?
> Did you try to change kernel parameters?
> Was there any error shown?
> What were exact models involved so we can see hardware involved?

The exact details were that I loaded the CentOS 6 Live CD & when it finally
came to the desktop there were no menus, no trackpad interaction & no input
facilities at all. Had to shut down via the power button.

After that I decided to use 5.6 or 5.7 because I knew they worked. I didn't
go any further on troubleshooting the issue with v.6 because I'm on a tight
schedule at the moment work-wise. I'm using for CentOS a Lenovo IBM ThinkPad
T42 1.7 GHz i386 Centrino with 1GB of RAM & a 40GB hard drive.



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