[CentOS] Alternative to cPanel

Thu Feb 24 13:17:52 UTC 2011
William Warren <hescominsoon at emmanuelcomputerconsulting.com>

On 2/23/2011 9:49 AM, Trutwin, Joshua wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm looking to setup a new CentOS box for a buddy of mine who
> wants to do hosting on a server via CoLo, Years ago I whipped up a CP 
> of my
> own on a Debian box he colo'd running a basterdized qmail/tinydns and 
> custom
> built httpd/mysql/etc (I was young).  It worked ok but time to move on 
> and I
> don't have time to maintain all those packages.  I also don't have
> time to write another CP or port my PoS to it.  I'm also just going to 
> use the
> default  packages (bind, postfix, etc) instead of the DJB stuff.
> Main requirements are fairly straightforward:
> 1. able to add/manage domains, ssl cert management, manage DNS records
> 2. able to manage email accounts and anti-spam settings
> 3. able to add/manage mysql and pgsql (nice to have)
> 4. user management - ftp/ssh accounts, password change, etc.
> 5. nice to have: add a wordpress blog / xcart store to a site
> 6. nice to have: users have own login to do some of the above for 
> their domain only
> 7. nice to have: integrated website stats (awstats or equiv)
> 8. not optional - should have a focus on security
> Stuff like viewing logs, automated billing, hosting plans, managing 
> backups,
> bandwidth monitoring, uploading web pages, managing server patches,
> adding new software, etc. I don't mind leaving off or doing myself.  
> Willing to
> pay a license, but not a huge budget.
> I was leaning towards webmin/virtualmin but thought I'd check with 
> this list
> for any suggestions.  Had bad experiences with Plesk from a while
> ago so leaving that off the table.  We have experience with cPanel
> through another fail host, it's ok but too much stuff and too
> expensive.
> Josh
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I currently use virtualmin GPL.  There are a few features that are kept 
in virtualmin pro...i have one server that runs pro..i have another that 
runs virtualmin gpl.
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