[CentOS] Where can I download centos 6

Edson - PMSS edson.amaral at saosebastiao.sp.gov.br
Sat Jul 9 16:23:14 UTC 2011

I intend to use the iso images I downloaded for testing and not in a 
production environment. As there was not found the md5sum and sha1sum 
files to check the isos. I agree with your recommendation, because in 
terms of safety, it is best to wait a little longer.
I really like CentOS, but it is undeniable the delay in the release of 
version 6.0.
The big advantage is that it aroused the interest of other Linux 
distributions such as Scientific, ClearOS and Oracle Linux.

Em 09-07-2011 13:02, Karanbir Singh escreveu:
> On 07/08/2011 09:59 PM, Steven Crothers wrote:
>> zero useful information on the development cycle, and discourages people
>> to register and be a part of the community or development process
> What there makes you think that is the case ? Plenty of people have
> joined the efforts in the recent months and have made a massive impact
> on stuff. I think you are just taking a dig at those people for making
> the efforts and for actually doing something constructive.
> or if you think there is some aspect of that site which causes people to
> think that they cant help or get involved, then do share - lets see how
> we can improve that.
> there is definitely a lot of scope for people to join, help and make
> things better - and quite a few have.
> - KB
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