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Rudi Ahlers Rudi at SoftDux.com
Sun Jul 10 09:17:11 UTC 2011

On Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 10:59 PM, Always Learning <centos at u6.u22.net> wrote:

> Hoi Rudi,
> > CentOS is great as a server OS, but it won't replace our accountant's
> > Windows 7 desktop - the amount of technical compatibilies issues we're
> > going to sit with is just not worth it.
> >
> > Don't use a jack hammer to drive in a nail :)
> Centos 5.5 works well for my non-computer literate friends who use a
> computer for Facebook and web browsing.

I never said CentOS won't work great for this.

But, try and convert someone who uses Pastel Accounting, Quickbooks,
Lightroom, AutoCAD, Adobe Premier, etc, to name but a few.

The point I'm making is that it won't suit everyone's needs.

And yes, I know where you're coming from. Many years ago my mother used to
work on a DOS based application in the hospital and when it came to
converting their system to Windows 98 (which then used a mouse) it took many
months to try and get her to use a mouse.
My mother-in-law is not computer literate at all. She has a PC to facebook
and play games on. And now matter how many times I've tried to show her how
to cut an MP3 CD, she simply can't remember todo it. Now for me to convert
her desktop to Linux would be an absolute nightmare.

I remember some years ago I converted a guy who used to study MCSE with me
(yes, I know.....) to Linux. He absolutely LOVED it. I gave him a Suse Live
CD - this was about 8 or 9 years ago I think, and then he decided to install
it on his PC. Big mistake. He didn't know that "to format your Hard Drive"
means it will completely wipe everything from it. So he lost all his data.
We had some words and he wanted to sue me for ruining his business. And yes,
the mistake I made, was that I didn't sit next to him 24/7 and spoon fed
him. I thought he would be somewhat technically competent to understand what
he's going todo with his PC. BUT, he wanted to save money
on Microsoft licensing.

P.S. Have you every tried to convert a MAC user, specifically a 3D graphic
designer to anything other than MAC?
Different people have different needs and different applications (and
Operating Systems) exist for that exact reason :)

I run Windows 7 on on both my laptop and my Desktop cause we have some
business applications which won't run on Linux.
Yet some of the developers in the office use either Debian, Slackware or
All our servers though run CentOS, FreeBSD and Solaris. Even my media player
and 12TB NAS (my wife is a photographer) at home runs CentOS.

> I use Centos 5.6 on servers, desktops, home server/desktop, laptop,
> notebook/netbook and would never willingly return to ghastly M$ Windoze.
> --
> With best regards,
> Paul.
> England,
> EU.
> 1 June 2010 Exclusively Centos & Gnome. Liberated from M$ Windoze.
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