[CentOS] Gnu Screen - terminal issues

Sean Carolan scarolan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 22:11:47 UTC 2011

> I tried to forget the incompatibilities in different old terminal types
> after about everything settled on xterm compatibility.  Instead of
> running screen, can you run a desktop session under freenx on a server
> somewhere and run everything in terminal windows there (even ssh
> sessions that go elsewhere)?  If you haven't tried it, the NX client has
> great performance with freenx, even remotely, and lets you
> disconnect/reconnect with everything still running.  Assuming you have
> something locally that can run the NX client (windows/mac/linux) you
> also get mouse based cut/paste and the only down side is a slightly
> longer time to do the initial screen refresh when you connect.

Hmm, this sounds like an interesting possibility.  I don't think we
have x-windows installed on any of our server machines but I can look
into it.  You have gotten the gist of my thoughts here though; being
able to return to something I was working on before, without having to
log onto every machine again!

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