[CentOS] The delays on CentOS 5.6 are causing EPEL incompatibilities

Александр Кириллов nevis2us at infoline.su
Sun Mar 20 16:21:00 UTC 2011

> The unpleasantness of reading continual criticism, from those 
> who will not do the minimal local rebuilds, to use the 
> packages from a project not affiliated with the CentOS 
> project, has pretty effectively driven the CentOS core 
> developers away from this mailing list


> If a person doesn't like CentOS's pace and attention to
> shipping durable and 'correct' releases or with different
> features (as with EPEL), or want packages faster than CentOS'
> rate, PLEASE encourage them to either learn to show some
> minimal self-reliance in building, or to not use CentOS as a
> base


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