[CentOS] Cant find out MCE reason (CPU 35 BANK 8)

Vladimir Budnev vladimir.budnev at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 14:51:59 UTC 2011

Hello community.

We are running, Centos 4.8 on SuperMicro SYS-6026T-3RF with 2xIntel Xeon
E5630 and 8xKingston KVR1333D3D4R9S/4G

For some time we have lots of MCE in mcelog and we cant find out the reason.
"Ordinary" mce message looks like:

CPU 51 BANK 8 TSC 8511e3ca77dc
MISC 274d587f00006141 ADDR 807044840
STATUS cc0055000001009f MCGSTATUS 0

decode with mcelog --ascii --cpu p4(cause there is no xeon56xx in list):

HARDWARE ERROR. This is *NOT* a software problem!
Please contact your hardware vendor
CPU 53 BANK 8 TSC 1982d8f72b1f
MISC e1742eac00006242 ADDR 7ffd78a80
MCG status:
MCi status:
Error overflow
MCi_MISC register valid
MCi_ADDR register valid
Transaction: Memory read error
STATUS cc0002000001009f MCGSTATUS 0

The global question is it possible to find out the exact hw which causes
those messages?
First we thought that according to

/* A machine check record */
struct mce {
        __u64 status;   /* bank status register */
        __u64 misc;     /* misc register (always 0 right now) */
        __u64 addr;     /* address or 0 */
        __u64 mcgstatus; /* global MC status register */
        __u64 rip;      /* Program counter or 0 for silent error */
        __u64 tsc;      /* cpu time stamp counter */
        __u64 res1;     /* for future extension */
        __u64 res2;     /* dito. */
        __u8 cs;        /* code segment */
        __u8 bank;      /* machine check bank */
        __u8 cpu;       /* cpu that raised the error */
        __u8 finished; /* entry is valid */
        __u32 pad;

cpu is the cpu rised the exception, but we have 2 quadro cpus with HT so
maximum cpu number should be 16 and in logs we see 53 etc.
So no we r not sure about what cpu value is :)Does anyone know what the CPU
number means exactly?

One more interesting thins is the following output:
[root at zuno]# cat /var/log/mcelog |grep CPU|sort|awk '{print $2}'|uniq

Those numbers are always the same.

Ok.Supposed we have problem in RAM, since i dont really know what those cpu
numbers mean we suppose that cpu+bank can point the problem hw.Is it
According to our "broken ram theory" we suppose that those numbers
32,33,34,45 and 50,51,52,53 indicate some simetric problem with ram/or slots
or smth else.Is it correct?

Thanks in advance.
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