[CentOS] How to copy a system?

Thu May 5 20:58:02 UTC 2011
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

On 5/5/2011 3:37 PM, Dag Wieers wrote:
> I can recommend ReaR (Relax and Recover) for migrations and cloning
> systems. I have been working wit the Relax and Recover project for the
> past few months together with a colleague and it now covers a lot of
> situations:
>    - HWRAID (SmartArray), SWRAID, DRBD, partitions, encrypted
>      partitions, LVM
>    - It supports bootable tapes (OBDR), ISO images and USB media
>    - It supports backup software for restoring (like Bacula, TSM, rsync and
>      others)
>    - And it can also take care of backups (using rsync, tar) using different
>      solutions (NFS, USB, Samba, ...)
>    - It's modular, so with little effort you can implement your own workflow
>      or use-case

What I've really always wanted in this respect is something that would 
work with backuppc such that you could run something on the source to 
generate descriptions of the partitions and filesystems (sort of 
clonezilla-like) in files that would be included in backups, and have a 
bootable restore OS that would know how to get this info from the 
backuppc server (could be an http request), build the matching 
filesystems, then run the ssh command to generate a tar image and 
extract into the right place.  Backuppc already does a great job of 
managing file-level backups but it is somewhat cumbersome to re-install 
by hand on bare metal and it doesn't automatically keep a description of 
the layout.

> However I would stress to test a complete disaster recover scenario for
> your systems (different technologies) in order to understand if everything
> is supported. You don't want to realize a problem in disaster-mode :)

I already trust backuppc on the 'save a copy' side.   I'd rather not 
replace that part.

> If you need more help, feel free to join the ReaR mailinglist on
> sourceforge and ask your questions :)

Would a backuppc adapter be feasible?

   Les Mikesell
     lesmikesell at gmail.com