[CentOS] How to copy a system?

Thu May 5 21:22:24 UTC 2011
Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com>

On Thu, 5 May 2011, Les Mikesell wrote:

> On 5/5/2011 3:37 PM, Dag Wieers wrote:
>> I can recommend ReaR (Relax and Recover) for migrations and cloning
>> systems. I have been working wit the Relax and Recover project for the
>> past few months together with a colleague and it now covers a lot of
>> situations:
>>    - HWRAID (SmartArray), SWRAID, DRBD, partitions, encrypted
>>      partitions, LVM
>>    - It supports bootable tapes (OBDR), ISO images and USB media
>>    - It supports backup software for restoring (like Bacula, TSM, rsync and
>>      others)
>>    - And it can also take care of backups (using rsync, tar) using different
>>      solutions (NFS, USB, Samba, ...)
>>    - It's modular, so with little effort you can implement your own workflow
>>      or use-case
> What I've really always wanted in this respect is something that would
> work with backuppc such that you could run something on the source to
> generate descriptions of the partitions and filesystems (sort of
> clonezilla-like) in files that would be included in backups, and have a
> bootable restore OS that would know how to get this info from the
> backuppc server (could be an http request), build the matching
> filesystems, then run the ssh command to generate a tar image and
> extract into the right place.  Backuppc already does a great job of
> managing file-level backups but it is somewhat cumbersome to re-install
> by hand on bare metal and it doesn't automatically keep a description of
> the layout.

Well, I've become very fond of rbme as of lately, but since ReaR supports 
rsync out of the box, you don't need a separate backup method for it.

But if backuppc has a client, or a configuration, it's very easy to make 
ReaR aware of it. And then to only configuration you would need to do is:


and it would automatically create a bootable image with your system's 
layout and the backuppc software/configuration, and even the necessary 
commands to automatically recover your system when doing:

     rear recover

on the rescue prompt. That's how it is done with Bacula, TSM, and others.

>> However I would stress to test a complete disaster recover scenario for
>> your systems (different technologies) in order to understand if everything
>> is supported. You don't want to realize a problem in disaster-mode :)
> I already trust backuppc on the 'save a copy' side.   I'd rather not
> replace that part.

Does backuppc take care of restoring HWRAID, SWRAID, DRBD, LVM, paritions, 
filesystems ? If so, then ReaR may not be for you, because ReaR takes care 
of those items.

>> If you need more help, feel free to join the ReaR mailinglist on
>> sourceforge and ask your questions :)
> Would a backuppc adapter be feasible?

Definitely, join the list and we can help you implement it.

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