[CentOS] OT: RHEL 6.1 is out

Morten P.D. Stevens mstevens at imt-systems.com
Mon May 23 14:31:32 UTC 2011

2011/5/23 Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>:
> I have said this a million times ... but you are flat out wrong.
> The "community" does many, many things for CentOS.
> It is the community that makes the CentOS Fora one of the best place to
> get information.
> The community does all the articles on the CentOS Wiki.
> It is the Community that answers questions on bugs.centos.org
> It is the community that does the graphics for CentOS.
> It is the community that is currently doing the website redesign.
> It is the community that is on the QA team, testing before release.
> It is the community that provides all the "technical support".
> We never said, anywhere, that the community would build the packages,
> nor did we say we would teach people how to make the distribution ...

Hi Johnny,

I think the problem is the long waiting time.

For example:

CentOS 4.0 = 23 days after RHEL 4.0
CentOS 5.0 = 28 days after RHEL 5.0
CentOS 6.0 = 192 days +
CentOS 6.1 = ???

The next problem: After the release of CentOS 6.0, there are no current (6.1) security updates for CentOS 6.0.

How about a fundamental change? A completely open development process like at Fedora?

CentOS is a great operating system. But many people have lost confidence in CentOS. ... No security updates for months and very long release cycles.

Best regards,


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