[CentOS] redhat vs centos

Tue Nov 1 18:27:58 UTC 2011
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

David Miller wrote

You can go with the self support option. Seeing you are willing to go with CentOS as long
as there are timely updates. That tells me you dont really care about getting "support" from
  the vendor. You can pick up workstation self support for $50 and server for $350 a year.
  That means you will get all the updates but just can't call or open tickets with Redhat.
  The limitations imposed by Redhat for "Support" they will provide are artificial.
  Although Redhat says it will only support 2 sockets and x amount of virtual guests you can still do it.

 From what I saw on the redhat site they have also taken away that 
support/subscription model.
They have standard support as minimum, for me it would be 4,000+ or more 
for my 2 little non-commercial servers...forget it.

With redhat doing this, I think I would stay away from all redhat variants.
Really close to just wiping the install and going with U.LTS (ubuntu 

The guys at centos make it possible for people to get into redhat that 
are not huge businesses.
I can see a small business hosting company paying 2,000 a year per 
server just to lease a 100/month dedicated server.

Redhat is losing vision for profits here. It is not so hard to find 
other avenues.

I would rather pay them something like 300 a year for each computer, 
that is cool....but 2,000?
No thank you. The reason I went with centos is I DID try redhat.
The support for redhat was terrible. It would take weeks of emails just 
to get someone who understood the question.

I figured why pay for all that completely useless support and just go 
free and figure it out myself.

Centos is fun, but I am kinda interested in more modern packages that 
ubu seems to offer. Worried about
having to relearn a full system though.

Redhat is killing itself in my opinion, just my opinion.