[CentOS] redhat vs centos

Tue Nov 1 18:34:13 UTC 2011
Digimer <linux at alteeve.com>

On 11/01/2011 02:27 PM, Bob Hoffman wrote:
> David Miller wrote
> ---------------------------
> You can go with the self support option. Seeing you are willing to go with CentOS as long
> as there are timely updates. That tells me you dont really care about getting "support" from
>   the vendor. You can pick up workstation self support for $50 and server for $350 a year.
>   That means you will get all the updates but just can't call or open tickets with Redhat.
>   The limitations imposed by Redhat for "Support" they will provide are artificial.
>   Although Redhat says it will only support 2 sockets and x amount of virtual guests you can still do it.
> ---------------------------
>  From what I saw on the redhat site they have also taken away that 
> support/subscription model.
> They have standard support as minimum, for me it would be 4,000+ or more 
> for my 2 little non-commercial servers...forget it.

They still very much offer self-support versions. In Canada, I believe
the MSRP is ~$350/yr or $990/3yr. Don't quote me on the prices,
obviously, but you can quote me on the availability of the self-support

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