[CentOS] [YUM] - Issue on package removal order on CentOS 5

Sat Nov 5 16:25:15 UTC 2011
Olivier BONHOMME <obonhomme at nerim.net>

Le 05/11/2011 17:14, Ned Slider a écrit :
> Quite possibly, I don't know.
> In which case, if such a bug does exist and is affecting you, I would
> place the script within %postun of each package that needs it rather
> than calling the script as a file that might have already been removed.

Hello Ned,

Sorry but I am a little bit confused. Now, it's the case : the script is 
in the %postun block for each RPM which needs it. But maybe, there is a 
misunderstanding. Are you talking about the script content ?

> This is better than simply testing the script exists before running it
> as if it doesn't then it doesn't get run and presumably that is not the
> desired outcome.

In my case, it's not a big deal because, if the binary is not here, that 
means the main app package is not here anymore and in that case it 
doesn't make sense to execute the script.

There are many ways of working around such a bug.

I thought the test way the best in that case. Of course it works, but it 
is a bit ugly and i don't think there is pretty solution for that.