[CentOS] [YUM] - Issue on package removal order on CentOS 5

Sat Nov 5 16:52:19 UTC 2011
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

On 05/11/11 16:25, Olivier BONHOMME wrote:
> Le 05/11/2011 17:14, Ned Slider a écrit :
>> Quite possibly, I don't know.
>> In which case, if such a bug does exist and is affecting you, I would
>> place the script within %postun of each package that needs it rather
>> than calling the script as a file that might have already been removed.
> Hello Ned,
> Sorry but I am a little bit confused. Now, it's the case : the script is
> in the %postun block for each RPM which needs it. But maybe, there is a
> misunderstanding. Are you talking about the script content ?

Yes, the script content.

>> This is better than simply testing the script exists before running it
>> as if it doesn't then it doesn't get run and presumably that is not the
>> desired outcome.
> In my case, it's not a big deal because, if the binary is not here, that
> means the main app package is not here anymore and in that case it
> doesn't make sense to execute the script.

Well that depends on what the script does I guess. In your case it may 
well be fine.