[CentOS] CentOS 6: php-eaccelerator

Sun Nov 6 17:59:26 UTC 2011
Reindl Harald <h.reindl at thelounge.net>

Am 06.11.2011 18:35, schrieb Dennis Jacobfeuerborn:
>> so as long as i use eaccelerator on>  20 production servers since
>> years and the only CentOS test-system is broken i see no reason
>> to play with apc around because i do not like to switch for
>> one single customer to a extension we are not using in prodcution
>> nor is tehre any reason to suddenly switch to APC
> That's the point. Right now you don't have to "suddenly" switch but can 
> install APC on a machine or two and get familiar with it.
> I just prefer to choose my deployed tech proactively and don't like to wait 
> for a project to be terminated forcing a switch on me.

well, i tested apc some minutes ago on CentOS AND Fedora 15

CentOS 6:  php-pecl-apc-3.1.3p1-1.2.el6.1.x86_64
Fedora 15: php-pecl-apc-3.1.9-4.fc15.20111106.rh.x86_64

on CentOS i had to rewrite a script which relies on serialized objects
in session it told me $db is unknown and i hd to place a require at
the top of the script

on Fedora 15 it seems to work like a charme without touching any script

so i would love to get the CentOS version updated

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