[CentOS] Postfix mail server procedure

Wed Nov 9 11:23:51 UTC 2011
Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam at whitemice.org>

On Wed, 2011-11-09 at 01:10 -0500, Jonathan Vomacka wrote:
> CentOS Community
> I was wondering if anyone had a good resource or procedure for a step by 
> step in installing a mail server with Centos. There ARE documents on 
> google, however almost all that i've found were outdated from 2005. Does 
> anyone know where I can find this type of document for a mailserver 
> Postfix + MySQL + SpamAssassin + ClamAV + Squirrelmail + Postfixadmin, etc?

MySQL has nothing to do with mail.  If you can avoid using it - avoid
it. The just-throw-everything-in-mysql approach to life has never made
sense to me.

For CLAMAV you need to have clamd running and a milter.  I'm not certain
what milter's are current - when I set one up they were all had equally
stale documentation.  Does CentOS currently ship a working clamav

SPAMAssasin is a monster and the documentation is *BAD*.  But I've
gotten it working.  Just post specific questions.

Postfix is pretty straight-forward and the project documentation useful
once you get used to its odd/unfriendly structure.  There are numerous
books about Postfix - do any of these do a better job at a drive

I have no idea what Postfixadmin is;  I've never seen much point in an
MTA admin tool.  And MTA is pretty much setup and let it run.

Squirelmail is an application; just use their documentation [although
I'd recommend Horde over Squirrel].

You don't mention a mail store [IMAP Server]?  Such as Cyrus IMAP.
Something for Postfix to deliver the mail too.

I have a document "WMOGAG" that has chapters on Cyrus and Postfix.  It
certainly isn't exhaustive, but it covers the stuff I've run into.  More
about Cyrus than Postfix.  You might find it useful - and feedback is