[CentOS] Postfix mail server procedure

Wed Nov 9 12:04:41 UTC 2011
Jussi Hirvi <listmember at greenspot.fi>

On 9.11.2011 13.23, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> For CLAMAV you need to have clamd running and a milter.  I'm not certain
> what milter's are current - when I set one up they were all had equally
> stale documentation.  Does CentOS currently ship a working clamav
> milter?

Hope this is relevant. I use a "dual Sendmail" setup with and 
amavisd-new - no milter at all, except greylist. The incoming mail is 
first processed by sendmail, then sent to amavisd-new on port 10024. 
Amavis handles spamassassin and clamd calls (and in my case, also 
f-secure virus checks as a backup) and returns the email (port 10025) to 
*another* sendmail instance, which then either sends the mail or files 
it in a local inbox.


Looks like there is no similar "dual" setup for postfix. This postfix 
tutorial does not look bad:


- Jussi