[CentOS] Postfix mail server procedure

Wed Nov 9 12:09:07 UTC 2011
Jussi Hirvi <listmember at greenspot.fi>

On 9.11.2011 14.04, Jussi Hirvi wrote:
> Looks like there is no similar "dual" setup for postfix. This postfix
> tutorial does not look bad:
> http://www.wowtutorial.org/tutorial/169.html

Uh, now I read some more of this thread and saw some (other) bad 
tutorials. This one is not so good either:

> Install Amavisd-new
> #cd /usr/ports/security/amavisd-new
> #make config
> #make install clean

No need for that, when you can do "yum install amavisd-new"! So please 
ignore "wowtutorial". :-)

- Jussi