[CentOS] Changes at Red Hat confouding CentOS (was: What happened to 6.1)

Tue Nov 15 16:39:48 UTC 2011
Dennis Jacobfeuerborn <dennisml at conversis.de>

On 11/15/2011 02:56 PM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
>> Fedora is basically an incubator for new technologies and as such not
>> really an attractive system to install for end-users. If you deal with
>> servers you probably go with CentOS, SL, Debian, etc. and if you want a
>> desktop you probably use Ubuntu.
> I don't really agree with this.
> If you are using CentOS on servers
> it is much easier to use Fedora on laptops,
> since Fedora is so similar in operation to CentOS.
> In fact CentOS is more or less identical
> to an ancient version of Fedora.

That's why I'm running Fedora too but then I'm not an end-user but an 
administrator/developer i.e. I actually know how to deal with the 
intricacies of the system and how to keep my system up-to-date in the 
absence of a direct upgrade path. Users who don't know much about system 
management cannot really deal with the complexities that arise from Fedoras 
fast development progress.

> Incidentally, I don't really understand
> what is meant by the term "desktop" nowadays.
> I always think of it as a contrast to laptop.
> But isn't everyone today using laptops for everyday use?

Desktop in this context basically means a system with a GUI that's 
primarily used through an attached monitor and keyboard as opposed to a 
server that has no GUI installed and is primarily managed through ssh/IPMI.