[CentOS] Changes at Red Hat confouding CentOS (was: What happened to 6.1)

Tue Nov 15 18:26:48 UTC 2011
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 11:52 AM,  <m.roth at 5-cent.us> wrote:
>>> Hell, no, I don't run fedora. I've got three or four users, and my
>>> manager on one of his systems, who do. I *LOATHE* it, with all the
>>> grief upgrades have given me.
>> And, correspondingly, you probably don't really run any 'desktop'
>> applications that are visual or audio/video oriented.  There are
>> reasons for that side of the coin, but they don't mesh very well with
>> server use and remind me of the early days of Windows.
> Um, users here run eclipse, among many other things. At home, I run
> mplayer, realplayer, browser, gwenview... what "audio/video" apps were you
> thinking of?

Vlc is probably the best of the bunch.  But most of my laptop
video-viewing is Netflix or from a Slingbox so I run Windows on the
default-boot partition and run linux under VMware player or more often
just connect to a server via NX/freenx for work.

    Les Mikesell
      lesmikesell at gmail.com