[CentOS] lm_sensors on Sun (x86) Hardware

Wed Nov 16 16:15:31 UTC 2011
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

On 16/11/11 14:37, Alan McKay wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I'm running RHEL 5.3 on 6 boxes - and on every one of them
> sensors-detect finds nothing.

What did Red Hat say?

> 5 of them are Sun fire 2250 machines, and 1 is Sunfire 4170.
> Googling and searching this list does not seem to find anything.
> When I log into the Sun hardware management interface (web interface)
> I see that it of course is correctly detecting various temperatures of
> things.  But for some reason Linux is not.
> Does anyone here have experience in this area and can tell me how to
> fix this?
> thanks,
> -Alan

First try updating to the latest release to get the latest kernel / 
lm_sensors packages.

Red Hat did a major overhaul of the hwmon branch in the RHEL-5.5 
release, backporting many updated drivers from the upstream kernel 
~2.6.26 (dating from somewhere around Aug 2008), but obviously even this 
updated driver branch is now over 3 years old.

What hardware sensors do your servers have? Elrepo.org has some updated 
kernel drivers for commonly used hardware sensors backported from newer 
upstream kernels (e.g, 2.6.39, 3.x), but some are reliant on the latest 
distro kernel (built against a later distro kernel) due to kernel ABI 
changes, so you'd still need to ideally be running an updated installation.