[CentOS] Difference in gnome between centos <> fedora

Wed Nov 16 15:24:40 UTC 2011
Andreas Reschke <Andreas.Reschke at behrgroup.com>

I've on my home PC CentOS 6 and Fedora 13 on different disks. When I log 
on the gnome enviroment at Fedora knows exactly which programm was started 
at which desktop (for example: thunderbird on desktop 1, firefox on 
desktop 2, nautilus on desktop 3, ..). The same procedure on Centos takes 
all programs on the first desktop, so I must arrange the programs on the 
right desktop.

Question: why kows the gnome of Fedora al the postions and the gnome from 
CentOS doesn't? Is there a way to automaticly arrange the programs ?
Andreas Reschke

Andreas.Reschke at behrgroup.com