[CentOS] creating C6 xen VM and virt-install

Mon Oct 3 17:42:52 UTC 2011
Mark Pryor <tlviewer at yahoo.com>


Now that Centos 6 is here, virt-install fails to launch an install for a C6 xen domU.

The virt-install script is part of libvirt and is in package:


the script, OSDistro.py, has a path hard-coded for a rhelX or centos VM install. IOW, ./images/xen is appended to
the provided mirror URL to get the kernel/initrd.img pair needed for a netboot.

Centos 6 repos don't have this subfolder in the images branch, but they have ./images/isolinux.

Is there a reason that ./images/xen subfolder can't be created and populated with the boot pair from the ISOLINUX subfolder?
I believe another RH clone project does this with good results.

Help keep virt-install working with C6 and fix this, please.