[CentOS] Backup and restore for CentOS 5.5

Mon Oct 3 20:16:41 UTC 2011
Denis <denis.becker at mnsu.edu>

Hi - I have a NFS/NIS server environment running CentOS 5.5 on a Dell 
Optiplex 240. I would like to back it up and then move it to a new 
machine. Couple of questions:

1. This is an older computer Dell Optiplex 240 that I am unable to 
connect a USB drive to. In the "linux rescue" environment fdisk -l shows 
only /dev/hda but lsusb shows the three partitions that are on the 
drive. I would like to know how to connect the USB drive to the system 
so I can rsync or dd to the drive.

2. I was going to rsync a backup, excluding /proc, /sys, /dev and /tmp, 
  either to a mounted USB drive or to a remote station. I know how to do 
that but how do I setup the drive up for the restore on the new 
computer. I have google'd but without success. I would think I need to 
format the hard drive, then run the LVM tools (<-very ignorant here), 
and install grub after all the files are in place (maybe mkinitrd too). 
Is there information avaiable to do this or would some be willing to 
provide what I would need to accomplish this.

Denis Becker