[CentOS] Backup and restore for CentOS 5.5

Mon Oct 3 20:22:44 UTC 2011
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 10/03/11 1:16 PM, Denis wrote:
> Hi - I have a NFS/NIS server environment running CentOS 5.5 on a Dell
> Optiplex 240. I would like to back it up and then move it to a new
> machine. Couple of questions:
> 1. This is an older computer Dell Optiplex 240 that I am unable to
> connect a USB drive to. In the "linux rescue" environment fdisk -l shows
> only /dev/hda but lsusb shows the three partitions that are on the
> drive. I would like to know how to connect the USB drive to the system
> so I can rsync or dd to the drive.
> 2. I was going to rsync a backup, excluding /proc, /sys, /dev and /tmp,
>    either to a mounted USB drive or to a remote station. I know how to do
> that but how do I setup the drive up for the restore on the new
> computer. I have google'd but without success. I would think I need to
> format the hard drive, then run the LVM tools (<-very ignorant here),
> and install grub after all the files are in place (maybe mkinitrd too).
> Is there information avaiable to do this or would some be willing to
> provide what I would need to accomplish this.

personally, I'd do a clean install on the new system, with CentOS 6, 
then copy over users from /etc/passwd and shadow, the /home directories, 
any other NFS share points, and manually configure any other 
applications you might host.     I believe you can move an NIS master by 
bringing it up as a NIS client, synching it, then promoting it to a 
ypserver, then making it the new master (and in fact,  if you do this, 
you don't even need to manually copy the users via /etc/{passwd,shadow} )

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