[CentOS] Centos 6.0 , DRBD

Tue Oct 11 23:23:01 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

Vreme: 10/12/2011 12:09 AM, Joseph L. Casale piše:
>> I think he did, but he would like an package done by someone who knows
>> what he is doing. Bear in mind that RHEL kernel is not stock kernel,
>> there are number of back-ported patches in it. It is safer to use a
>> package with applied RHEL specific patches (if necessary) done by people
>> working with RHEL kernel regularly. I for one would never try to build
>> kernel module my self. I would at least ask for experts opinion on my
>> spec/package work.
> Wow, you didn't read it either...
> You build it against _your_ kernel. Its like two commands...

I do not have to read it (although I understood you the first time). My 
production server is not going to be a ginipig for developers. And I, so 
far, rebuilt over 100 packages including newer Qt for C6.

There is a repo (ELRepo) run by knowledgeable kernel 
developers/packagers, with 10 times more knowledge about kernels then 
me. And their package was build from most stable version, taking RHEL 
kernel oddities into account, and already tested. Why would I (or anyone 
else) "invent hot water"??

Getting out from the slippery bath tub is one "command" to my brain, but 
I managed to almost cut my palm in two when porcelain sink I was leaning 
onto (I almost never did that before, and never again) broke to peaces. 
If I had passed out (and I almost did), I would not be here now. Crude 
analogy, but very real for me, my thumb lost normal sensitivity for 
ever, as a reminder.

So for me, there is no more easy getting out of the tub, and no easy 
kernel module builds for production use. Not to mention the need to 
follow module development for patches and rebuilding newer versions, etc...


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