[CentOS] You suggestion for 'big' filesystem management Best Practice?

Fri Oct 28 14:04:55 UTC 2011
Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam at whitemice.org>

On Fri, 2011-10-28 at 10:34 +0200, Götz Reinicke wrote:
> we plan to set up a big file storage for media files like uncompressed
> movies from student film projects, dvd images etc.
> It should be some sort of archive and will not bee accessed by more than
> may be 5 people at the same time.
> The iSCSI RAID we have is about 26TB netto and I'm again faced with the
> question: How many partitions, which filesystem, which mount options etc.=
> For the User it would be the most simpel thing, to have one big
> filesystem she/he could fill with all the data and dont has to search
> e.g. on multiple volumes.

Use LVM.

Divide it into numerous partitions. 
Initialize the partitions as Physical Volumes.
Create a Volume Group containing the Physical Volumes.
Then create the volumes you allocate storage as using Logical Volumes.
Your LV can span as many, or as few, PVs as you like.

To the SAN each PV is a partition, you can move it, delete it, etc..
In the OS you can move data between PVs, migrate LVs between PVs, etc..
Even connect to another SAN, attach PVs there to you volume group, and
migrate the LVs to those PVs - this migrating data from one SAN to
another.  Then drop the PVs on the old SAN from the VG.