[CentOS] CentOS 6 Bug Fix Announcements

Mon Oct 31 08:45:44 UTC 2011
Ian Stirling <ian at hursley.ibm.com>

On 28/10/2011 23:15, Lamar Owen wrote:
> FWIW, announcements or no announcements, I've been pretty happy to see the updates coming through CR, and I thank you and the team for this.  Back when it was first mentioned I wasn't actually too enthralled with the idea, but what a difference a few months makes.  If it weren't for the legwork in making CR a reality the lag in getting 6.1 out would be very difficult to rationalize.
I agree, I have no problem at all with the execution of the fixes coming 
through the CR channel.    My problem is slightly different.    I work 
for a company who reclassify all the fixes into their own high, medium 
and low categories with corresponding rules about who must install them 
and when they must be installed by.     Clearly if no announcements are 
coming out then there isn't going to be a CentOS 6 "control file" being