[CentOS] vpostmaster and Centos 6

Mon Apr 9 17:53:15 UTC 2012
Nataraj <incoming-centos at rjl.com>

On 04/09/2012 09:07 AM, Tom Bishop wrote:
>   Read through several vpostmaster email threads via the centos mail list,
> I am about to go down the vpostmaster bunny hole. I need a spam filter for
> a very small site, my church, 20 or so mailboxes and just need something
> easy to setup and maintain.
>  One of my inital thoughts when I was creating the centos 6 VM was what
> sort of disk space is required, nothing in the docs called anything out,
> they talked about memory which is not an issue for me and I gave 2Gb for
> the memory and threw a small disk out of it.  Is anyone running it with
> Centos 6, it appears from the mailing list that it should work with centos
> 6 but wanted to see if anyone was using it.  Also, if anyone has any
> tips/guides/tweaks that they can recommend/share that would be great,
> Thanks in advance.
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Disk space requirements for vpostmaster are pretty close to a standard
CentOS install (for the software itself).  The vpostmaster install
procedure will install postfix (though you should let the install script
install all of these packages, since it installs some things from the
vpostmaster repository), postgres, dovecot, clamav, spamassassin and a
few other small packages.

Then you need to include space for /var/spool/vpostmaster depending on
how much space you want imap mail accounts to keep on line, or if your
using pop, enough space to hold pop mail until the clients download it. 
In either case, much less than an exchange server.  It just depends
whether your users need to keep a GB or more of email online or whether
200-300mb is enough.  For pop clients I only give them 30-50mb, but they
pick up their mail every day.

I currently run it on CentOS 5, however there are at least a few people
who have reported sucess with CentOS 6 on the vpostmaster list.

There are not many people using vpostmaster on this list.  I suggest you
join the vpostmaster list.