[CentOS] vpostmaster and Centos 6

Mon Apr 9 16:07:02 UTC 2012
Tom Bishop <bishoptf at gmail.com>

  Read through several vpostmaster email threads via the centos mail list,
I am about to go down the vpostmaster bunny hole. I need a spam filter for
a very small site, my church, 20 or so mailboxes and just need something
easy to setup and maintain.

 One of my inital thoughts when I was creating the centos 6 VM was what
sort of disk space is required, nothing in the docs called anything out,
they talked about memory which is not an issue for me and I gave 2Gb for
the memory and threw a small disk out of it.  Is anyone running it with
Centos 6, it appears from the mailing list that it should work with centos
6 but wanted to see if anyone was using it.  Also, if anyone has any
tips/guides/tweaks that they can recommend/share that would be great,
Thanks in advance.