[CentOS] URGENT -- pseudo network interface creating problem with dhcp-- centos 5.5

Wed Apr 11 19:48:43 UTC 2012
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 04/11/12 9:36 AM, sri wrote:
> 4) Have you checked if your motherboard IPMI is not pulling an address
> during boot?
> -- Frankly, not sure how to check motherboard IPMI messages. Verified
> dmesg output. Following is the dmesg output.
> Please share any way to check motherboard IPMI is pulling another address?

well, first, does your motherboard *HAVE* an IPMI management module, and 
if so, does it use a  dedicated ethernet port, or is it 'piggybacked' on 
eth0 ?   the behavior shown could be the latter.

I'd look in the system or motherboard documentation for this...   
depending on the IPMI module, it may have a web or ssh interface, or it 
may require another system contact it via an 'ipmitool' of some sort.   
It probably has an initial user/pass like admin/admin which should be 
reconfigured during system configuration and deployment.

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