[CentOS] web mail and Squirrelmail

Wed Dec 19 17:45:54 UTC 2012
SilverTip257 <silvertip257 at gmail.com>

On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 9:22 AM, <m.roth at 5-cent.us> wrote:

> >> We are currently still using SquirrelMail. I hate the GUI
> >> (aesthetically), but it works well and there are plugins for about
> >> everything one would ask. If only someone could create a nice
> >> contemporary GUI (HTML 5) for it!
> My hosting provider added ensignia ? as a new interface to squirrelmail
> (no clue, haven't bothered to look into it), wish it wouldn't try to load
> all of sent if you go to look at sent, other than that, what's
> "unaesthetic" about it? Why do I *need* a New Flashy/non-flash GUI? What
> reason for a change, other than you being bored easily?

I think you and I will agree that functionality is more important than
However customer facing services deserve a bit more attention/polish than a
box you or I have sitting in a corner.

> >>
> > I agree -- a face lift for Squirrel Mail would be nice and welcomed by
> > many!
> And greeted with serious annoyance by more.

There's always that group that resists change.
The idea is not to force changes upon anyone, just make it an _option_ for
a nicer front-end (if desired).  If SquirrelMail is used by _customers_
then it's probably a good idea to make it look a bit more modern.

> > Though it would probably be best to add some Ajax calls so the end user
> > doesn't continually see the refresh on post back.
> Oh, Right. Another fad language load o' crap, to make it more unstable,
> and less secure....
> <nsip>

Again, do it in such a way that it's optional.
Visible postbacks are annoying.
What would XYZ big name site be like without incorporating Ajax and Web2.0
Not a fad, used by many, and  "instability and insecurity" can be argued
... no new protocols, etc.  The "asynchronous" bit was really the only new
piece technique at the time it was coined ...

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>               even when you told it to display in plain text
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