[CentOS] network intermitent, not sure if virtualization issue

Sat Feb 4 03:34:21 UTC 2012
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

Continuing in my venture to resolve the network issue on the virtual 
machine on my centos 6 host machine.

The intermittent 'closing' off all network conditions can only be solved 
by service network restart

My last thing I am going to try is to look at the different NIC devices 
I can use in virtual machine manager.
The one i was using is the default I guess, virtio.

The other options are
hypervisor default

The e1000 has thousands of pages online about issues with centos, so 
will try that last.
Gonna try hypervisor default.

Other than changing this option I can find no reason for the network 
services to just go missing
with nothing in the logs...they just disappear from the net.