[CentOS] CentOS 6 and screenshot of website

Jani Ollikainen jani.ollikainen at mmd.net
Thu Jan 5 12:53:45 UTC 2012

On 5.1.2012 13:52, John Hodrien wrote:
> So he wants to be able to capture an image of what a website looks like from
> the command line, and not really take a screenshot at all.
> I think that's a fair summary anyway...

Yes, well, not native english speaker so I would call those screenshots
of the website, or maybe screen capture would be better but it's still
almost the same :) If I would say picture of a website, it to me
would sound something less describing than screenshot.

I thought linking up two example programs doing it would describe
it. But it seems people didn't open/read the URLs. As the one was:

"Here’s an example of running PyWebShot with 3 URLs, and the resulting 

$ ./pywebshot.py -t 500x250 http://www.coderholic.com 
http://geomium.com/update/598/ http://jobs.plasis.co.uk
Loading http://www.coderholic.com... saved as www.coderholic.com.png
Loading http://geomium.com/update/598/... saved as 
Loading http://jobs.plasis.co.uk... saved as jobs.plasis.co.uk.png"

But your capture-website example is good description what I'm looking 
for that would work on the components available in CentOS 6 (or
some well known 3rd party repository, not replacing too much of
the normal system).

Now my solution was to compile gnome-python2-extras with changes to 
.spec and as some one commented Mozilla has dropped support for
gtkmozembed so that solution doesn't seem to be long lived and
some other option would be nice.

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