[CentOS] LUKS full disk Encryption question

nux at li.nux.ro nux at li.nux.ro
Sun Jan 8 10:14:03 UTC 2012

Ljubomir Ljubojevic writes:

>  From RHEL docs:
> "The default implementation of LUKS in Red Hat Enterprise Linux is AES 
> 128 with a SHA256 hashing. Ciphers that are available are:
>      AES - Advanced Encryption Standard - FIPS PUB 197
>      Twofish (A 128-bit Block Cipher)
>      Serpent
>      cast5 - RFC 2144
>      cast6 - RFC 2612"
> My question is:
> What will be the performance impact on my Celeron 1.73 GHz CPU and/or 
> hdd speed?

I can't give any numbers, but I've been using luks for years now and while 
it sure adds a performance hit I don't find it really noticeable 
(especially on latest cpus) during normal use (web browsing, emails, 
films, office etc). Think of it this way, that laptop is already slow, at 
least now it will be secure. :-)

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