[CentOS] USB install annoyances

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Mon Jan 9 19:56:10 UTC 2012

On 01/09/12 11:11 AM, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
> They are? I dunno - ours are labelled where they're intended to be
> mounted, like / or /boot

don't plug one of those into a different system for repair or you'll 
have all kinda grief.   $HOSTNAME_root would be the sane way to do it...

>> hostnames tend to be messy and nearly as unreadable as a uuid, so
>> embedding them in a label wouldn't actually be much help.
> Oh, you're in one of *those* places.... "This machine was bought under
> this account, and is part of this project, and there's 1-4 char
> abbreviations for each, and .....

well, $job is at a large multinational...  company standardized 
hostnames start with a 3 letter site prefix, then -S for server, then a 
6 digit department ID, then -nnn as a server ID within that group. 
fug-ly.     projects are too transient and servers tend to bounce around 
between physical and virtual over their life cycle.

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