[CentOS] USB install annoyances (not OT)

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> John Doe wrote:
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> >> I've retried again, and it still fails. I see that it's mounted
> >> /dev/sda2, which is where I've got the contents of a DVD, as
> /mnt/isolinux.
> >
> > Unless you specifically need the DVD contents, maybe try with
> > the ISOs instead...
> This doesn't vaguely answer my question. 

I think it does, but not to the detail level you need.  Details below.

> The install.img mounted the
> partition, by itself, as /mnt/isolinux. That's what *IT* did. I
> I
> had the partition as a clone of the dvd by mount -o loop and rsync.
> But I've just rebuilt the USB key partition from the latest 2 DVDs we
> have
> locally (I rsync'd Pagckages/. from the second one into the Packages
> directory I made when I rsync'd the first DVD, so it should look like
> one-disk DVD. As soon as that finishes, I'll try another time....
> Unless someone has the explicit answer to what is the image, or
> directory,
> the install.img wants to mount to get the repo, please don't reply.

 From what I recall: you can 
   * boot the USB
   * layout and format the disks (we assume using anaconda)
  And when you  get towards package selection, anaconda fails indicating
' that it can't find "image# 1".'

The "image# 1" it is looking for is the .iso which could have been burnt
to a DVD for doing the install, i.e., not something from the images
directory from THAT iso.

As RHEL6 anaconda derives from something post the rawhide that I
submitted the following bug on, it may help you understand.

summary: anaconda will not trust any mounted file system for the rpm's
to install, it only trusts media images and http.

I hope this helps you, of course I could always be wrong.

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