[CentOS] bug submission justified for distribution of obsolete java software?

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 07:13:58 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 11:32 PM, Ross Walker <rswwalker at gmail.com> wrote:
> Corporate greed will always trump idealistic pursuits.

I'm still pondering how Sun's demise fits into this picture....

> As soon as a product has enough momentum there will be patent fights, copyright fights, licensing and revocation of openness. Soon platforms that contribute the most $$ will get preference and features over others and there goes the cross-platform dream.
> Throw your weight behind nothing, use the best technology at the time for the solution. The only true cross-platform language is C.

You can't be very agile working in C, though.  Something called C with
roughly similar syntax may work on a lot of platforms but that doesn't
mean that you can actually compile and run the same code.   Where with
java you don't even have to recompile.   Look at how jenkins is able
to run in master/slave mode with slaves running on an assortment of
platforms at once.   What would  you have to do to match something
like jasper reports or the pentaho tools ability to connect to
databases and do page layouts in C in a way that would work on such a
wide assortment of systems?

   Les Mikesell
     lesmikesell at gmail.com

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