[CentOS] ia32-libs for 64 bit CentOS

Elijah Karari elijah.karari at edf.co.ke
Mon Jan 16 09:51:46 UTC 2012

Are you sure its Zimbra Desktop 7 & not Zimbra Collaboration Suite. If you really found it, kindly post the link. Thanks. 

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Elijah Karari wrote: 

> It's not an rpm-based package, in fact, there are no rpm packages for zimbra 
> desktop 7. Installation is via a perl script. Please provide info on 
> ia32-libs for centos or its substitutes. 

Is there any particular reason why you don't simply use the 64-bit version of 
this program on your 64-bit Centos installation? 

I just looked at the download page for this outfit and I see a column 
headed "Download 64-bit" 

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