[CentOS] Mediatomb under CentOS-6

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Wed Jan 18 06:39:14 EST 2012

John Doe wrote:

>>>  Try:
>>>  http://mediatomb.cc/pages/documentation

>> For example, I want to access a directory /Photos/ on my TV,
>> but I've no idea how to add this to the sqlite database,

> If it is only about using the software, there should be nothing
> specific to CentOS...

Except that I had to enable the rpmforge repository 
to get mediatomb under CentOS-6.
(I think it used to be available under CentOS-5 in the epel repo?)

Then with rpmforge enabled "yum update" had problems,
so I had to disable it (having installed mediatomb).

> For your directory issue, section 5.11 from the documentation
> page linked above seems pertinent.

Thanks, I was trying to add a directory using the web interface,
but I will try this CLI method.

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