[CentOS] Can anyone talk infrastructure with me?

Jason T. Slack-Moehrle slackmoehrle at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 02:23:57 UTC 2012

> racking 2 PiB (or 2048TiB) of nearline grade storage will require about
> 1000 3.5" 3TB drives, allowing for a reasonable raid level and suitable 
> number of hotspares. If its frequently updated transactional database 
> storage, I'd want to use raid10. Using somethign like the Supermicro 
> 847 chassis, you can get 36 drives plus a server in 4U, and draw about 
> 700 watts actual in use.... I estimate you'll want about 28 of these 
> servers, which will take two full racks and draw about 20KW, or 180 amps 
> off 120V household circuits (realistically, you'll need 208V for this 
> many servers). You'll also need about 10-15KW worth of air 
> conditioning equipment to deal with the generated 68000 BTUs of heat. 
> HVAC will push your power usage up to the 30-40kW range, or 2500 
> KWH/month, at $0.20/KWH typical residential power usage, you're looking 
> at a $5000/month power bill, give or take.
> those 28 SuperMicro servers will cost about $200,000 for the 1000 3TB 
> enterprise nearline disks, plus another $200,000 or so for reasonably 
> well configured servers. 20KVA of redundant UPS and 70000 BTU worth of 
> computer room A/C will add a good chunk more $$$$ to this.

Hi John,

Yes, our (meaning yours and mine) calculations are different and I am probably wrong. 

I think I am drawn to the BackBlaze POD for reasons like this. 135TiB in a single enclosure and that is not even using 4TB drives.

2PiB is an estimate for the next 2 years, currently there is a little bit over 480TiB according to adding up various math calculations (databases, du, app data, static files, etc)

I see your calculations about power and yes, currently power for just the UPS, Computers, fans and stuff runs me about $400 a month and I only have a few boxes handling the demo of the product. This will be my first summer in my new location in Cupertino and I know I will need to act on cooling really soon. 

Are you using Comcast in Santa Cruz?


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