[CentOS] Can anyone talk infrastructure with me?

Ken godee ken at perfect-image.com
Thu Jan 26 23:57:28 UTC 2012

>> option for me than getting their ADSL2+ service? I mean, is the "T"
>> faster over all given it is all my traffic and I am not sharing?
>> Can you explain a bit so I can develop a better understanding of how
>> they advertise speeds, etc?
> Yes, the cost for a T1 will seem very high.  It is antiquated telco
> tech.  T1s are generally very reliable, but very very slow.
> 1.5Mbps is not faster than 40Mbps.  There's nothing hidden in the way
> they advertise speeds.
> DSL and DOCSIS technologies have advanced and matured over the last
> couple of decades.  T1 has not.  A T1 connection is the same now as it
> has always been.

Not so much haven't matured but are capable of some other technologies
besides internet access that the local CO could setup, like channelizing 
and different types of signaling, not to mention a
dedicated circuit to the CO.

I might compare "SLA" of the two. Might find a drastic difference.

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