[CentOS] confidence in partitioning tool (6.2)

Jonathan Nilsson jnilsson at uci.edu
Mon Jan 30 19:45:38 UTC 2012

> > do they all run with dual-booting Windows/CentOS systems? is their
> > environment filled with laptops running CentOS?
> This is a new system, but yes, it will be deployed on laptops running
> CentOS.

ah, ok. so you need to get centos working on the bare-metal hardware of the
laptop. VMs will not help you there ;)

I didn't come here to debate VM's. I was just looking for someone to
> say "Yeah, I used the CentOS partitioning it and it worked like a
> charm" or "I used it and it was a disaster."

sorry if i sounded cross; i am not trying to be argumentative. it's just
that from my experience dual-booting has not been worth the effort unless
it is truly needed for the hardware performance, and running CentOS on a
laptop (depending on the model) may prove challenging to get all the
hardware to work.

as for partitioning, i have not had success using any linux installer to
resize an existing Windows partition. supposedly gparted on a livecd can do
this (though it has not worked for me when i tried it, possibly because i
didn't defrag windows first):

the most reliable method for us has been to pre-partition the drive into at
least 2 partitions, then install windows into the first partition, then
install centos (letting it use the free space to auto-create partitions for
/boot and LVM, and correctly set up grub in the MBR.)


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