[CentOS] Difference between 'cr' and ' fasttrack'

Ross Walker rswwalker at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 22:37:39 UTC 2012

On Mar 8, 2012, at 4:18 PM, Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org> wrote:

> On 03/08/2012 11:56 AM, Ross Walker wrote:
>> I see the two distribution points for each release, they seem very alike, what is the difference?
>> -Ross
> CR is something that the CentOS team will use IF we are having issues at
> "point release" time getting some of the updates ready (like we had with
> 6.1 and 5.7).  We had a small number of packages and problems with the
> ISO generation delay those releases by more than a month.  The CR gives
> us a place to put packages, in a staged way, if that occurs.  You get
> some (but not all) of the updates while we work out our last remaining
> issues.
> We can also use CR to specifically get some critical updates out if we
> going to have a delay with the point release.
> We have not used CR for 6.2 or 5.8 because we released both of those in
> 1-3 weeks after the upstream release.
> ==============================================================================
> Fasttrack on the other hand is our adaption of an upstream program
> explained here:   http://www.redhat.com/rhn/rhndetails/fastrack/
> So, we duplicate the package set that upstream puts in their FasTrack in
> our fasttrack repository.
> Hope that explains the differences.


Mucho gracias.


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