[CentOS] Centos long end of life support, but im interested in packages themselves.

Fri Mar 23 07:16:10 UTC 2012
Brent Clark <brentgclarklist at gmail.com>

Hi Guys

Im hoping someone would be so kind to answer my question.

Where I work we are currently reviewing and making use of Centos, because of its long end of life support.

CentOS-6 updates until November 30, 2020

The question I would like to ask is.
Say Centos 6 offers and makes use of PHP 5.3. Say as time goes on PHP themselves deprecate 5.3 and EOL is reached.
Would Centos 6 continue to offer security and bug fixes support for PHP 5.3 till November 30, 2020?

If someone could help me understand this, it would be appreciated.

Kindest Regards
Brent Clark