[CentOS] Centos long end of life support, but im interested in packages themselves.

Fri Mar 23 07:50:28 UTC 2012
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 03/23/12 12:16 AM, Brent Clark wrote:
> The question I would like to ask is.
> Say Centos 6 offers and makes use of PHP 5.3. Say as time goes on PHP themselves deprecate 5.3 and EOL is reached.
> Would Centos 6 continue to offer security and bug fixes support for PHP 5.3 till November 30, 2020?
> If someone could help me understand this, it would be appreciated.

centos builds and releases whatever RHEL does.  so you really should be 
asking, will Red Hat continue to support php 5.3 after the PHP project 
has EOLd it.

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