[CentOS] Script for enabling screen savers in GNOME and KDE on Centos 5.x

Tue Mar 27 07:49:15 UTC 2012
ankush grover <ankushcentos at gmail.com>

Hi Friends,

I am trying to configure screensavers settings on Gnome and KDE
running Centos 5.x 32-bit environment. I need to prepare a script
which will be push by Puppet and this script should be able to change
settings like idle_delay, set customized password-protected screen
saver, enabling lock etc..

I have tried below commands for Gnome and somehow the settings are not
taking place. The users screensavers setting remains the same.

Gnome Settings:
gconftool-2 --direct --config-source
xml:readwrite:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory --type int  --set
/apps/gnome-screensaver/idle_delay 4
gconftool-2 --direct --config-source
xml:readwrite:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory --type boolean --set
/apps/gnome-screensaver/lock_enabled true
gconftool-2 --direct --config-source
xml:readwrite:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory --type boolean  --set
/apps/gnome-screensaver/idle_activation_enabled true
gconftool-2 --direct --config-source
xml:readwrite:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults --set --type list
--list-type=string /apps/gnome-screensaver/themes [blank-only]

On KDE I am not able to get what settings should be there for enabling
idle_delay, activating the customized password protected screen saver

KDE Settings
$ qdbus org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver /ScreenSaver

Do let me know whether any more information is required or not.